Who Am I?


Possibly the most important question of life…


Well this is me…

I’m pretty much your average 26 year old girl…if average means likes to stay in on Saturday nights with a glass of wine and lay on the couch watching countless hours of tv with my amazing partner, hangs with her bunnies everyday, takes numerous (too many really) pictures of said bunnies and then posts them on Instagram only to get annoyed when nobody likes them, enjoys reading feminist literature and blogs, plays the occasional (but for 6/7 hours) game on the playstation, loves….LOVES anime, and tv, and film….I have enjoyed the occasional knitting session..I got quite good at scarves at one point, but then I had too many scarves.  I love baking and cooking and generally being creative with food, so we eat quite well here if I do say so myself. I spend at least an hour every evening on Tumblr…or facebook pages dedicated to Tumblr, mainly because I’m convinced its the happiest place on earth (middle finger to Disney land, am I right?!).  Sure, the hours I have spent laughing at posts on Tumblr could easily have been better spent being productive…but then, I wouldn’t have had those hours of pure laughter and happiness, so thank you tumblr.   This could also be reason I am so obsessed with memes…

I studied film, literature and Drama, a wholly useless but amazing Degree that I don’t regret at all.  I enjoy writing, mainly because I feel like at least someone out there is listening.

Oh yeah, and I’ve just had a baby.  He’s an amazing wee man, who keeps us on our toes and I love experiencing motherhood and responsibility and pee soaked clothes and leaking boobs 🙂

That’s my life, right there, in a nutshell.

And here are my bunnies….Fucking adorable right??!




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