About ‘Is This Life?’

It’s dramatic, I know but I honestly feel this way sometimes..

For most people life can be …tricky, a little difficult to grasp, and more than a little tedious.  Work, family, politics, religion, money…its tough.  But for women, its even more difficult, because they are women, because they were born into a society that has placed women in certain boxes, and one that makes leaving these boxes quite hard.  Heaven forbid a woman would want to do something outside of what is expected of her.

But whats even worse than knowing, as a woman, that you are going to be sexualized, cat called, slut shamed, flirted with by men older than your father, made uncomfortable in public spaces because you have breasts and an ass, and basically treated like you shouldn’t complain about any of this, is the over used excuse that so people throw out there like its actually going to heal this problem….the ‘That’s just life‘ comment.

Is this Life?

Is this any way to live?

So that one all important question inspired me to start a blog.

Because I don’t think that comment is a suitable answer to life’s problems problems.  When I complain about cat calling, telling me ‘it’s just the way life is‘ is not at all acknowledging a serious issue here, if anything its adding to the problem.  If I’m at my wits end with a baby that refuses to sleep at night, telling me ‘that’s just the way it is’ isn’t offering a solution. In a similar way that the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ movement was turned into the ‘All Lives Matter‘ debate, it simply ignores the problem, and simultaneously tells people to just deal with it.  Yes, all lives do matter, but saying that doesn’t mean that Black lives matter the same as white lives.  Saying it only tells people to shut the fuck up about their problems and move on, cause that’s just life, get over it already.

That’s one way to handle it…

Well, no actually, I’m not willing to do that.  I wont smile politely as some jackass tells me my butt looks good as I walk down the street.  I wont grit my teeth and keep my mouth shut when an older gentlemen who stares at my breasts while I feed my son tells me its disgusting.


Instead I’m going to write a blog.

This blog.

A blog about the little things that are actually big things.

I have blogged on numerous sites for the past few years on everything from feminism in film, to amazing anime, literary theory and social issues, but I figured its about time to set up a personal blog, where I am not bound by any restrictions and can write whatever I want without being censored  🙂  This is that blog, and hopefully some people out there will read some of this and acknowledge one woman’s attempt to understand the life that’s been built around her, and not just shrug off what I’m saying with a ‘That’s just Life‘ excuse.


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