Why is The Murdering White Man Treated Better than Women?: An Argument on Abortion Rights and Murder.

Seriously though…why? A man murders his entire family, out of nowhere, three young boys and a wife and the media feels the need to highlight how ‘out of character’ this was. How he must have been tormented with ‘demons’. How his mental state must not have been sound, but that he was a great man and father, a pillar of the community, salt of the earth kind of man.

He murdered his family and this is how he is remembered.

The white man can, apparently do no wrong, and if he does, he is still not blame.  He is almost forgiven.  We are seeing this a lot now. Brock turner rapes an unconscious woman and gets a 6 month jail sentence so as to not ruin his life.  He serves 3. David Becker rapes 2 unconscious teens and walks away with no jail time because according to his lawyer “We all made mistakes when we were 17, 18, 19 years old, and we shouldn’t be branded for life with a felony offense.”

And in such stark contrast to this, a woman who wants and actively seeks an abortion is viewed with disgust by the majority.  She is portrayed as a vile woman with no emotions and a selfish disposition. Abortion is illegal, because women are not trusted with their own bodies. They are governed and regulated once they become pregnant which is both oppressive and undermining.

This is why the pro-choice side is called pro-choice and not pro-abortion. If a woman says she is pro-abortion she is portrayed as being pro-child murderer, instead of pro-women should be trusted with this decision and shouldn’t be controlled by the majority. She is viewed as a witch who wants to hurt unborn babies and should not be trusted to make any sort of important decision, never mind a decision on a group of forming cells yet to even be considered human. She is portrayed as something evil, as something rebellious.

During this last summer a story about a young girl who sought an abortion went viral.  Her housemates went to the police and reported her for this, and not because she got the abortion illegally, that wasn’t their issue. It was that she wasn’t overcome with complete and utter sadness at the ordeal. She wasn’t ‘remorseful’, she was sitting up ‘watching tv’ and not crying alone in her room contemplating, regretting her choice to abort her baby.  This particular young woman was eventually handed a 3 month suspended sentence for her crime.

while this and many other women are viewed as cold, emotionless human beings the man who murders his entire family has ‘demons’. He has something deep within him, tormenting his soul causing this awful thing to happen, his punishment is that society will always wonder what caused his breakdown. The media has made countless statements about wanting to know what was in his notes left for the police, because this may show what demons had surfaced.  One things for certain: he is not too blame, his deep personal issues are. He can’t control his feelings.  Men have always been at the mercy of their emotions, which we all know are strong and powerful, so forceful that they often bubble to the surface and take over these nice men’s actions. They turn pillars of the community into a monster unable to control these surfacing, harrowing emotions, he lashes out and does something unthinkable.

He murders his entire family.

But a girl who seeks an abortion, she is abhorrent, she is pure evil. She needs to suffer forever knowing the choice she made was wrong in the eyes of the community.



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