Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Hillary Clinton Just Because You’re A Woman.


I know.  I’m Irish, and have no connection to the upcoming election in America, but as anyone will notice, this race is being broadcast everywhere, not just America. Possibly because if Trump is elected it could mean another world war due to his antiquated and discriminatory, Hitler-like approach. This election could well affect the rest of the world in ways we cannot even fathom.  So yes, I have been keeping my eyes and ears open when it comes to who is in the running.  And what I’ve noticed is that 1: Lots of people are on board with Trump, reminiscent of the support Hitler received despite his openly deep hatred of an entire group of people.  And 2: Many women are supporting Clinton, purely because she is a woman and they finally want to see a woman rise to the same ranks as the man.  Is it time to see a female president in America? Absolutely.  Should it be Hillary Clinton.


It depends.

I am a huge advocate of supporting woman, especially in positions of power which have long been saved for men, however, Clinton herself isn’t even a supporter of women.  You may be looking at this page in confusion right now, surely she is known as the champion of women?!  Well no actually she’s not. Hillary, who threw out the sexism card against Trump, is now going to have it thrown right back at her.

It appears that Hillary has forgotten the countless accusations of assault and harassment against her husband whom she stands by to the point of victim shaming the women.  Hillary defended her cheating husband who treated women in a despicable manner, by setting up a ‘war room’ to deal with the women who came forward against Bill.  She was a part of a group of people who desperately (and ultimately succeeded) discredited and insulted the women who had very real accusations, she absolutely oppressed these woman and then years later would say that every rape victim should be believed.  Her husband is not only a womanizer, but a disgusting man who harassed these women, abusing his power as commander in chief.  If Hilary Clinton wanted to be champion of women, she should have divorced him and then run for President, which would have made a bigger statement.  A positive statement that men wont always get away with this behavior.  But apparently they can, because he did.


And then there’s the matter of laughing at a 12 year old rape victim.  Before her stint as first lady, Hillary was a Lawyer, and was appointed to defend a man accused of raping a 12 year old girl.  Now, I don’t have a problem with the fact that she defended this man, that was her duty and she was legally obliged to defend her client to the best of her ability.  However, it seems she went above and beyond that call of duty by making claims not backed by evidence, by stating that the then victim had previously made similar accusation against older men (no evidence to prove this was ever brought forward).  She definitely was the sort of lawyer who would attack the credibility of a rape victim in pursuit of legal victory, and she did just that by reducing his 30 year sentence to a  mere year.  She did this through victim blaming, victim shaming and slandered a 12 year old girl.  She accused the girl of romanticizing and exaggerating sexual experiences.  What a way to support rape victims!

Playing the gender equality card in a presidential campaign means that meaningless attributes like sex are more important than actual policies and values.

So no, I don’t think women should vote for Clinton simply to support women in power.  Yes Clinton might lie about everything in her fight for power, but she’s a politician and she’s playing the game the same way men have for generations.  That, to me, isn’t a reason to not support her.  If we assume everything politicians say is true than who are the real idiots?  No, I think women should only vote for Clinton if he shares ideas and values.


Don’t fall into the trap of feeling like, as a woman, you have to vote for her because of your genitals. Vote for Hillary because she believes abortion is every woman’s right.  Vote for Hillary because you agree with her stance on easily accessible birth control.  These are reasons to support somebody, not the fact that they have a vagina.



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